Hide the Recovery Partition from Clover Boot Manager

If you need to hide the Recovery Partition from Clover Boot Manager, my walkthrough video will help.

00:00 – Hackintosh and 5-Bay RAID Enclosure.
00:20 – Powering the the Hackintosh
00:50 – LED for Primary drive with Clover Boot Manager
01:00 – Our iHack Pro 2.0 theme.
01:00 – NVRAM with LastBootVolume booting.
01:30 – Booting macOS.
02:00 – macOS Desktop.
02:15 – Mounting app.
02:30 – config.plist GUI editor. (see link)
02:40 – Hiding the Recovery Partition.
03:30 – Reboot to test.
03:40 – Drive sleeps and prevents wear while Hackintosh reboots.
04:15 – Successfully hidden the Recovery from Clover.
04:45 – F3 button on iMac Pro to toggle Show/Hide of Recovery HD.
05:30 – Successful booting to the macOS Logon screen.


Steve Pringle

About The Author: Stephan Pringle is an Information Technology Specialist. He covers hardware and software and provides tips for you to troubleshoot and repair issues on your own. In his spare time, he writes articles about the State of New York on his Hackintosh and HackBook and that has helped him to become the top contributor of the New York City section of Yahoo! Answers.