Hide the Recovery Partition from Clover Boot Manager

If you need to hide the Recovery Partition from Clover Boot Manager, my walkthrough video will help. It’s a good idea to hide this partition as anyone can access the partition and use it to reset the password for an account in macOS

00:00 – Hackintosh and 5-Bay RAID Enclosure.
00:20 – Powering up the Hackintosh
00:50 – LED for Primary drive with Clover Boot Manager
01:00 – Our iHack Pro 2.0 theme.
01:00 – NVRAM with LastBootedVolume booting.
01:30 – Booting macOS.
02:00 – macOS Desktop.
02:15 – Mounting app.
02:30 – config.plist GUI editor. (see link)
02:40 – Hiding the Recovery Partition.
03:30 – Reboot to test.
03:40 – Drive sleeps and prevents wear while Hackintosh reboots.
04:15 – Successfully hidden the Recovery from Clover.
04:45 – F3 button on iMac Pro to toggle Show/Hide of Recovery HD.
05:30 – Successful booting to the macOS Logon screen.


Stephan Pringle

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