Clover EFI Boot Manager Themes

Improve the look of your Clover Boot Manager on your Hackintosh or HackBook with our custom themes.

Our Themes
iHack Pro 1.0 – for Hackintosh systems. [screenshot]
iLid Pro 1.0 – for HackBook systems. [screenshot]
★ iSet Pro 1.0 – for USB Installers. [screenshot]

Alternate Themes
★ BGM – for Clover EFI users. [screenshot]
★ Embedded – for Clover EFI users. [screenshot]
★ Random – for Clover EFI users. [screenshot]
★ TonyMacx86 – for MultiBeast users. [screenshot]

Installation on a Hackintosh or a HackBook
★ View the screenshot of a theme.
★ Download your preference.
★ Unpack the contents of the archive.
★ Mount the ESP of your boot drive.
★ Open the EFI partition.
★ Open the EFI folder.
★ Open the CLOVER folder.
★ Open the themes folder.
★ Paste your unpacked theme.
★ Open the config.plist file in an editor.
★ Change the theme name to match then save.
★ Unmount the ESP and restart your system.

Your custom theme should load.

WARNING: Always backup your config.plist and EFI frequently onto bootable media.