We are here to give a solution to the monopoly of the computer industry. We build and sell computers that are developed to boot into multiple Operating Systems(OS). They include but are not limited to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The computers offered are from very nice home theater systems that can also be used for almost any application, all the way up to high-end computers used for Gaming, video production, and photo studios. If you get a computer from us you will get all the benefits of all the different OS without the price tag of having to buy multiple machines, in essence when you get a computer from us you are buying multiple computers at once. Go ahead and compare us to any of our competition and you will see that we have a much better price.

We also have initiated a goal to help our customers to get rid of unnecessary bills. We will instruct you how to get rid of that increasingly expensive cable/satellite bill and cut it down to around $16 a month. We will also come to your location to help install a great network so that you can use the full benefits of the internet. Contact us if you have any further questions.