Mouse and Trackpad Support in Clover EFI Bootloader

Download the Clover Configurator app (or carefully use the Terminal to mount the EFI partition and TextEdit program in macOS to edit the config.plist) that will enable your internal or external Mouse and Trackpad in the Clover Boot Manager with a few clicks. Before making changes using any method, play it safe and make backups.

Note: Clover EFI 2.5 builds has an issue with left/right clicking so update to Clover EFI v2.5k r5108.

00:00 – Our iSet Pro Theme with boot sound for USB Installers.
02:00 – macOS Login screen
02:10 – Guest account.
02:15 – High Sierra wallpaper.
02:45 – Administrator account.
03:00 – Ink Cloud wallpaper.


Steve Pringle

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