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HEIC: High-Efficiency Image File Format (Official from Apple.com)
Catalina Final Release: 8-images of Santa Catalina Island. (macOS 10.15+)
Catalina Beta Release: 16-images of Santa Catalina Island. (macOS 10.15 beta+)
Mojave: 16-images of sand dunes. (macOS 10.14+)
Solar Gradients: 16-images of Solar Gradients. (macOS 10.14+)

HEIC: High-Efficiency Image File Format (Official from GixxerPC.com)
Arctic Fox: 16-images of our powerful Arctic Fox Hackintosh System. (macOS 10.14)
Bumblebee: 16-images of all Bumblebee transforming. (macOS 10.14)
Iron Man: 16-images of all Tony Stark’s Mark II armor suiting up. (macOS 10.14)
Malaysia: 16-images of a 360 view of Malaysia. (macOS 10.14)

HEIC: High-Efficiency Image File Format (User-generated from World Wide Web)
24 Hour Wallpaper: 16-images of almost 60 Dynamic wallpaper in 5K resolution. (macOS 10.11+)
Amazon: 16-images of rainforest wallpaper. (macOS 10.14+)
City: 16-images of city Krylatskie Hills, Moscow. (macOS 10.14+)
Earth: 16-images of Earth from Himawari-8 satellite. (macOS 10.14+)
Earth from the ISS: 16-images of Earth from space. (macOS 10.14+)
Earth View: 16-images of the Earth’s shadow/terminator. (macOS 10.14+)
ISS: 16-images of the Earth from the ISS. (macOS 10.14+)
Jupiter: 16-images of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno spacecraft. (macOS 10.14+)
Moon: 16-images of the Moon. (macOS 10.14+)
New Orleans: 16-images of New Orleans. (macOS 10.14+)
New York City (Midtown): 16-images of Midtown. (macOS 10.14+)
The High Sierras (Onion Valley): 16-images of Onion Valley. (macOS 10.14+)
San Francisco: 16-images of San Francisco. (macOS 10.14+)