Specs: Dell Latitude E6540

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★ Intel Core i5-4300u 1.9GHz Processor
★ Samsung 1TB SSD Drive (7mm and partitioned for Dual-booting)
★ Dell 15.6-inch HD (1920×1080) Anti-Glare LED-backlit display
★ Dell 130W AC Adapter with 6-foot cord
★ Dell 97W VV0NF Rechargeable Battery
★ Backlit Keyboard
★ 1-year warranty and online support.

★ Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-Bit)
★ Apple macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Optional Communicating Hardware
★ Atheros 5GHz Wireless WLAN WiFi with Bluetooth Card with Menu Bar Control or
★ TP-Link USB WiFi with Menu Bar Control and GMYLE Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter

Not Included
– Paper Manuals/Product Setup Guides
– Audio Cables/Video Cables/Adapters
Operating System Recovery Media
– Any Application/Drivers/Programs Not Stated
– Any Accessories/Media Not Stated
– Carrying Case/Protective Skin