Reviews: Dell Latitude E5440 HackBook

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The Dell Latitude E5440 is great mid range business notebook and has a solid build in our personal experience. Everything works perfectly under Windows (which it was designed for) and only loses access to the Wi-Fi and has a minor Bluetooth issue on macOS. The WiFi issue can be permanently fixed using an internal card and intermittent Bluetooth issues with a USB adapter. If you have small kids that love to play online games, the Dell Latitude E5440 HackBook if perfect for them to learn on while keeping your actual MacBook safe from the occasional drops and spills.

The battery is very light so the E5440 weight does not increase by much to make mobile use easier. With the power features of macOS, we notice that the battery last longer in the day than using Windows so if you occasionally need to use Windows, decide if you will be running Windows directly or launching it from within a VirtualBox session.

The keyboard and supported trackpad are comfortable and are inexpensive to replace when damaged. If damages occur, you may want to consider upgrading to the backlight version. A special feature is the ability to shut off after 10 seconds of inactivity to keep from draining your battery.

There are 3 (one on each side and the rear) USB ports, an optical drive and SD Card Reader. The optical drive can be removed to add a second hard drive (7mm recommended) to help with storage or multi-booting.

The E5440 comes with either the (lower resolution) Intel HD Graphics 4400 or the (higher resolution) Nvidia GeForce GT 720M. The Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU is what we typically use for better stability with multiple OS.