Bootloader: Dell Latitude E5440

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WARNING: Contains additional files to match our specification and may be unrelated to your setup.
non-Intel GPU Users: You should consider disabling the discrete graphics (dGPU) in the BIOS. Please note that this is not the best the option as the E5440 will be disabled in both macOS as well as in Windows if your dual-boot. To overcome this new issue, you need utilize ACPI patching. At this time, we do not support ACPI patching as our laptops inventory does not include the discrete GPU.

CHANGELOG: with with Clover EFI v2.4k r4945
2019.07.01 – Support for the internal Atheros WiFi Card.
2019.06.01 – Enabled the Secure Digital Card Reader. [video]
2019.02.15 – Removed our custom themes to reduce download times.
2019.02.22 – Support for the USB Bluetooth Adapter
2018.10.12 – Added HoRNDIS for USB Tethering support for Android smartphones.