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The Arctic Fox is a powerful and easy to customise desktop computer. Everything is carefully chosen so that it works perfectly under Windows (which it was designed for) and only loses access to the HDMI audio on macOS. This issue can be fixed by using a GPU adapter and compatible Monitor with HDMI inputs. For those looking for an iMac or iMac Pro in a PowerMac format, the Arctic Fox is a must-have.

There are multiple (2 front sides and the 6 rear sides) USB ports to help with expansion, front and rear headphone and microphones jacks, and an optical drive. The optical drive is similar to those seen in desktops so it will eject and inject the tray with the keyboard or menu command.

The Arctic Fox comes with an AMD or Nvidia GPU and we recommend that you add the AMD Graphics Card for better sleep/wake stability and resolutions with multiple macOS. Please note the AMD GPU currently does not have VGA outputs onboard so use the HDMI, DVI, DP inputs with a VGA converter.