Bootloader: Arctic Fox

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★ Chameleon
★ Chimera
Clover EFI v2.5k r5108
★ Enoch
★ OpenCore
★ Ozmosis

WARNING: Contains additional files to match our specification and may be unrelated to your setup.

CHANGELOG: with Clover EFI v2.5k r5107
2020.01.10 – Added a fix to prevent the Memory Modules Misconfigured warning.
2019.10.15 – Added Clover EFI v2.5k r5070 Bootloader
2019.07.13 – Added Clover EFI v2.4k r4982 Bootloader
2019.07.01 – Support for the internal WiFi Card.
2018.10.12 – Added HoRNDIS for USB Tethering support for Android smartphones.