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Q: Why isn’t my audio input and output detected under macOS?
A: The Library/Extension folder has old or missing kexts. Watch the demos on how to fix it.

Q: What is the latest Clover EFI that works?
A: Currently, that would be Clover EFI v2.5k r5114.

Q: Is macOS Catalina supported?
A: Yes! Update Clover EFI then download the Install App while on Mojave then wait until 10.15.3 is released to update.

Q: Is macOs Mojave supported?
A: Yes! Using AFPS will be mandatory on your HDD.

Q: Is macOs High Sierra supported?
A: Yes! Install Sierra first to keep Journaled HFS+.

Q: Is macOs Sierra supported?
A: Yes! High Sierra is recommended.

Q: Is macOS El Capitan supported?
A: Yes! High Sierra is however recommended.