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The Dell Optiplex 790 SFF is a powerful laptop masquerading as a desktop computer. Everything works perfectly under Windows (which it was designed for) and loses access to onboard graphics and the internal optical drive on macOS. These issues can be fixed by using swapping or adding additional parts. If you have limited space in your work area or needs a PC that is easy to travel with, the Dell OptiPlex 790 SFF is a must-have.

There are multiple (4 front sides and the 6 rear sides) USB ports to help with expansion, front and rear headphones and microphone jacks, and an optical drive. The optical drive is similar to those seen in laptops (to keep the form factor small) so it will only eject the tray with the keyboard or menu command but will not inject like other desktop drives so you will have to close it manually with a push.

The 790 SFF may come with an AMD GPU with a cooling fan and we recommend that you leave the card in when using macOS and avoid using the Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPU for better stability and resolutions with multiple macOS. If your system comes with the Nvidia GPU, get rid of it since Nvidia GPUs are known to have exploits that need to be patched and patching could cause undesired results with your programs.