The 2017 Fennec Fox Hackintosh Computer System is a powerful yet easy to customize desktop computer. Every piece of hardware is carefully chosen so that it works perfectly under numerous System Software and without the need for virtualization software. For those looking for flexible system with infinite configurable options, the Fennec is a must-have.

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★ 1 x Intel Series compatible motherboard.
★ 1 x Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor.
★ 1 x 16GB DDR4 RAM.
★ 1 x 2TB SSHD Boot Drive.
★ 1 x 8GB GPU Adapter.
★ 1 x 20″ WideScreen Screen 1600 x 900 Resolution LCD Flat Panel Monitor.
★ 1 x Liquid CPU Cooler plus fan.
★ 1 x Computer Case with or without Optical Drives.
★ 1 x 650 Watt, Fully Modular PSU.
★ 1 x Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Combo for Windows and Mac.
★ 1 x WiFi and Bluetooth PCI Express Card.
★ 5-year warranty and online support.

macOS Big Sur 11.1
PrimeOS 0.4.5
Ubuntu 20
Windows 10 Enterprise

Operating System Recovery Media

Not Included
– Any Application/Drivers/Programs Not Stated
– Any Accessories/Media Not Stated
– Carrying/Protective Case
– Adhesive and Vinyl Stickers


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