Purple or Green Tint

This is a possible fix for users who have Gigabyte 200 series motherboards in their setups and sees a purple or green tint when using a DVI to HDMI cable from the iGPU to a monitor with HDMI inputs. I should not have to mention it but backup your ESP in two places before making any changes so you can revert if needed.

00:00 – HDMI TV displaying a purple and green tint.
00:15 – ESP Mounter Pro
01:00 – Clover Configurator
01:45 – Fixing purple and green tint. (uncheck option as mobo works natively)
02:00 – Save changes, restart, and test.
05:40 – Issue is no longer on the lock screen.
06:10 – macOS Desktop is no longer in purple, pink, or green.


Stephan Pringle

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