Install macOS High Sierra without APFS Conversion

If you need to install macOS High Sierra without APFS Conversion, my walkthrough video will help.

00:00 – Intro.
00:05 – Windows 10, build 1903 default wallpaper.
00:10 – Terminal.
00:45 – Install the macOS High Sierra app.
00:50 – Drag the app to the Terminal window
00:55 – Remove and trailing spaces.
01:00 – Paste or Type “/Contents/Resources/startosinstall --converttoapfs NO
01:15 – If there is a license error, use the release date workaround.
07:15 – Automatic reboot.
07:30 – Confirm the PC’s date and time are right.
07:45 – Open Disk Utility.
07:50 – Success. SSD was not converted to APFS.
08:00 – SSD is now ready for a second OS in the second partition.


Steve Pringle

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