HoRNDIS on macOS Catalina

Today, we will be installing HoRNDIS on macOS Catalina (works for macOS Big Sur as well) for USB Tethering on a HackBook system that has a poor wireless connection. If you have a real MacBook or MacBook Pro with a poor connection or that Apple dropped support, you will require an alternate method which is not shown in the video.

The method that you are about to see utilizes bootloader software to make your Android Smartphone appear to be a secondary Wi-Fi/Ethernet port to provide a working connection.

Hackintosh Desktops and Laptops ONLY
00:00 – macOS Catalina Dynamic wallpaper at night.
00:15 – Safari version 13.1 (15609.
00:45 – System Preferences.
00:55 – System Preferences \ Network.
02:25 – ESP Mounter Pro
03:15 – Safari is having issues on WiFi.
07:40 – Get Chromium Edge
11:50 – Install Edge Version 80.0.361.69 (Official build) (64-bit).
14:55 – Get the HoRNDIS app and extract the kext for the EFI Folder.
18:30 – Placed the HoRNDIS.kext in the EFI folder.
19:25 – Restart the Hackintosh.
19:50 – Hackintosh has restarted.
20:00 – Waiting for System Preferences \ Network to launch.
20:10 – Kext is successfully installed and the smartphone is detected.
20:51 – Checking for the mobile data connection (T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc).
21:15 – T-Mobile USA detected.


Steve Pringle

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