Empty the Trash

The easiest things are sometimes the hardest thing to do. Take for instance, how on earth do you empty the trash under macOS? You hit a button, right? But what happens when then button is grayed out or does nothing when you click on it? Three things. You panic. You get frustrated and you end up here (online) to find a workaround and how to properly fix it without paying an arm and a leg.

00:00 – Power Up
00:05 – Clover Bootloader
01:00 – Boot into Safe Mode
02:00 – macOS confirms that Safe Mode is enabled.


Steve Pringle

About The Author: Mr. Pringle writes about hardware and software for several online publications. To see more material from him, you can follow his personal tech blog at TechspertHelp.com and tech vlog at VideoHooligan.com.