Creating a USB Installer

When making a Hackintosh or a HackBook, one of the things that you need to learn to do is creating a USB Installer for macOS. If not, you will have to rely on someone else to make one for you with the bootloader baked in if you do not have access to Apple hardware.

If that is your only option, when setting up and in post-installation, do not sign into any online account. Instead, make the drive bootable and then restart into the Recovery and wipe the OS partition and reinstall macOS using the Internet recovery feature so that you get a clean version directly from Apple and when that is done, use the below invocations to create a malware-free USB for a local reinstall. Since Apple assigns SSL Certificates on the installers, you will need to use the release date fix to install.

Note: “–applicationpath” will be deprecated in macOS 10.14 and greater.

Last login: Mon Oct 19 21:44:33 on console
GixxerPC-Pro:~ admin$ sudo /Volumes/Install\ macOS\ Monterey/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/GixxerUSB /Volumes/Install\ macOS\ Monterey/Install\ macOS\
Ready to start.
To continue we need to erase the volume at /Volumes/GixxerUSB.
If you wish to continue type (Y) then press return: Y
Erasing disk: 0%… 10%… 20%… 30%… 100%
Copying to disk: 0%… 10%… 20%… 30%… 40%… 50%… 60%… 70%… 80%… 90%… 100%
Making disk bootable…
Copying boot files…
Copy complete.
Install media now available at “/Volumes/Install macOS Monterey”
GixxerPC-Pro:~ admin$

Updated on: Nov 12, 2020


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