Create an EFI Partition

I thought that it would be difficult but it is very easy to create an EFI Partition on a USB Flash drive using a Windows PC for a Hackintosh or HackBook. These are the steps that I found worked without searching for additional software.

01. Plug in the USB Flash Drive under 8GB into an available USB Port on the Windows PC.
02. Press and hold the Windows Key + R to launch the Run window.
03. Type in CMD and press the ENTER key to launch the Command Prompt.
04. Type DISKPART and press the ENTER key to launch the interface.
05. Type LIST DISK and ignore DISK 0 as this is usually the hard drive where your Windows OS booted.
06. Type SELECT DISK 1 (sub 1 for your actual USB) press ENTER.
07. Type clean and press ENTER. (You may receive an error)
08. Type clean and press ENTER. (You should be successful)
09. Type create partition EFI size=200 and press ENTER.
10. Type format quick and press ENTER.
11. Type assign and press ENTER.
12. Type Active and press ENTER. Ignore any error message
13. Type exit and press ENTER and close the CMD window.

You can now copy your Clover files, eject the drive and test but before ejecting, call the volume name EFI.


Stephan Pringle

About The Author: Stephan Pringle is an Information Technology Specialist. He covers hardware and software and provides tips for you to troubleshoot and repair issues on your own. In his spare time, he writes articles about the State of New York on his Hackintosh and HackBook and that has helped him to become the top contributor of the New York City section of Yahoo! Answers.